Our story

Fjelde Guesthouse seen from outside

New beginnings

After getting a little bit too comfortable in suburban Reykjavík, us lovebirds along with our son stuffed all our things into a container and sent it to Denmark. The destination: the island of Lolland where we'd bough a run-down schoolhouse we were going to call a home.

The Mountain

After having lived in mountainous Iceland for most our life, the flattest part of Denmark seemed an ideal place for a new beginning. Jokingly we talked about naming our new house "The Mountain" as an ironic reference to our heritage. Soon enough we would find out the house WAS INFACT aldready named Fjelde, meaning "Mountains" in danish. This former school was know locally as Fjelde skole.

The Fjelde School

Built in 1906, this two-story house is around 550 m2. It housed Fjelde Skole from the day it was built and until the 1970's. Then it was turned into a private home. When we bought the house in 2015, it had seen better days. Our goal was to restore it to it's former charm.

DIY Bed & Breakfast

We are proud to say Fjelde Guesthouse was renovated completely by yours truly. Reynir is an experienced carpenter and Ríkey is a former hotel owner & textile designer, having run Hótel Aldan in Iceland for a decade. Together we make a great team for a project like this. With a little help from our friends, we opened our first rooms in July 2016.

The Surroundings

Surrounded by tall trees and beautiful bird- and wildlife, Fjelde Guesthouse is a quite and cozy place. However there's plenty of action all around us, like Lalandia and Knuthenborg Safari Park. Perhaps you'd be interested in reading more about Lolland here?

Our Little Shop

Within Fjelde Guesthouse we run a little gallery. There we offer handmade goods like our signature clothing racks, Icelandic woolen sweaters and locally made goods. In the spirit of our guesthouse, all items are specially crafted but not mass-produced.

A Room at Fjelde Guesthouse

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